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12/30/2005 01:05 AM
Tempted to Buy a Research Paper? Here's Why You Shouldn't Even Think About It
It's countdown time: just days until that big paper is due and you haven't even started. Tempted to look into those sites that offer to sell you an original research paper? Don't do it. First of all, buying a paper...
12/30/2005 01:05 AM
Research: Are You Ready for College Papers?
One thing that often surprises college freshmen is the amount and depth of research required for college-level papers. If you want to be really prepared for college assignments, it's a good idea to become familiar with the many resources found...
12/30/2005 01:05 AM
It's a Good Time for a Great Book
BRRRR. Some of us are experiencing a big chill right now. Snow is piling up across the northern half of the country, and things aren't much better in the South. It's a great time to cozy up to the fireplace...
12/30/2005 01:05 AM
College Planning for Seniors: Beware the Senior Slump
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12/30/2005 01:05 AM
Term Paper: You have weeks before the due date. Why not put if off a few days?
Teachers give weeks to complete some big projects. That's great, you're thinking, because you know you can get it done in half the time. So you put it off. After all, what's the worst that could happen?Actually, there are some...
12/30/2005 01:05 AM
Research Project: A Strong Topic Saves Time and Trouble
And it will keep your interest in the days and weeks to comeDo you find yourself losing interest in a research project after the first few days, even though the clock is ticking fast? Do you start off with a...
12/30/2005 01:05 AM
Do You Procrastinate?
Or maybe you just love your dog more at homework time.Sure, you love your dog. But do you feel the need to feed him as soon as you sit down to study for your algebra test? Don't fall for it!...
12/30/2005 01:05 AM
Try a New Approach to Planning Ahead
Have you ever wondered if there was a single thing you could change or do to improve grades? Chances are, there is something that would make a big difference in your grades, and that is--improving your planning skills. Be honest,...
12/30/2005 01:05 AM
Speak Up for a Bright Future
At some point soon, you'll be required to stand up and address a crowd, either at a science fair, supporting your project to a panel of judges, or in the classroom, presenting an oral report to your classmates. Believe it...
12/30/2005 01:05 AM
Battle the Winter Blahs with Test Prep
It's that time of year, when a chill is in the air and the daydreaming season is upon us! I know what you're thinking: "Hmmm, do I want that MP3 player or should I go for a new cell...

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