The Directors of The Canadian Bodypainting Championships are pleased to announce that this year's bodypainting competition will take place in Victoria on September 4. Artists and models from across Canada are invited to participate for prize money, trophies and bragging rights.

Starting Wednesday, Sept 1, prior to the event, we are hosting 'Camp Paint Jam' for those artists and models that want to come early and join in some comrade and fun. Camp Paint Jam will take place on a 7 acre wooded property with a stream, waterfalls and many good features for photographs - there is also a photo studio on site! Situated in central Nanaimo this private residence will be the home base for the festival this year. Meet and greet and paint away.

On Thursday, Sept 2 the Festival Camp Paint Jam theme is Medieval Times with an old fashioned feast. Ending the day the medieval characters head out on a with a pub crawl in Nanaimo.

On Friday, Sept 3 Camp Paint Jam theme is open as we look for the best painter of the day with models and artists honing their skills in preparation for the main event the next day in Victoria.

The main event will happen in Victoria on Saturday, Sept 4. Those attending Camp Paint Jam can join a party bus leaving Nanaimo at 10AM and meeting up in Victoria at noon with the models and artists not attending Camp Paint Jam. Artists and models will paint at Canada West University in Victoria as part of the Victoria Fringe Festival and compete at the Victoria Event Centre. The theme is 'On the Fringe!'
Registration is $35 a team (model, artist, and stylist). An additional $30 will be collected from those wishing to take the 'party bus' to Victoria from Nanaimo and back. An evening meals and camping at Camp Paint Jam will be $30 per night. Hotels are also available a short distance away. Sleep deprivation may result if a person suffers insomnia for a long enough period of time and can present some serious consequences that need to be addressed. Ambien. It is important to keep a list of all products you use, such as prescription medications and even herbal products, and give it to your doctor to see if there are any potentially harmful interactions which might occur. about Xanax. The mechanism by which Maxalt works is to control the level of serotonin in the brain. This drug is also not recommended for women who are pregnant, as there is a chance that it can cause complications with the pregnancy. Diazepam. Propecia works by preventing the body from turning testosterone into DHT which causes the male pattern hair loss. Ativan is an excellent medication for many people who are suffering from anxiety disorders and need relief from their symptoms. There are certain people who respond to Adipex better than others, but overall it has demonstrated itself to be an effective drug in the treatment of obesity. Migraines can vary greatly in severity and cause a wide range of highly unpleasant symptoms, including nausea, headache, vomiting, and dizziness. Sumatriptan. This medication is a fluoroquinolone antibacterial, from the second-generation, which interferes with enzymes in the body and removes bacteria leading to a rewind in the DNA once copied. The likelihood of Xanax passing into the baby via breast milk is fairly substancial.

For further information please contact or phone Jeff King at 250-713-1865.


Nanaimo, BC

First Place Airbrush

Models Abby Trent & Jay Cloud

Bodypainting  is all about embellishing the beauty and mystery of the human form in a provocative, competitive and we've got to admit, a titillating environment using paints, props, music, and above all imagination.

"Body Gras!™", the host of the Canadian Bodypainting Championships, was set in motion in the summer of 2002 when its founders convinced nearly 20 artists, and just as many models and stylists, to compete in a new body painting competition staged in Nanaimo, B.C. – a tough, yet artsy former coal town graced with one of the most amazing harbours on the entire West Coast of North America.

During the debut competition, nearly a thousand people over the span of three nights took in the spectacle! Three evenings filled with rousing, often boisterous entertainment, artistic fineness - and certainly the most provocative feature of this extravaganza - body painting teams competing for prize money and the chance to be in the well-covered spotlight.

We invite you to enjoy some of the unique creations we have had the privilege to showcase in our "Body Gras!™" shows since 2002.



"BODYGRAS!™" is the only Canadian Bodypainting Championships™ sanctioned by the WBPA.



Nanaimo BC




Cultural Capital of Canada 2008


Host City



Welcome to the picturesque city of Nanaimo, British Columbia. With breathtaking views, exciting attractions, and friendly people, Nanaimo is the premier gateway to Vancouver Island.

Tourism Nanaimo is here to guide you to everything that this great city has to offer, from its oceanfront scenery and stunning mountain views, to the charming downtown area. Whether you're looking for local eateries, outdoor adventures, or a guide to the arts scene, you'll find extensive resources inside to make your trip planning easier. more











The Howard Johnson Harbourside Hotel is centrally located in downtown Nanaimo. This host Hotel boasts an excellent location adjacent to the seawall where guests can experience a vibrant waterfront just steps away with many charming boutiques, restaurants and Nanaimo parkland to enjoy.

Enjoy your stay at the Howard Johnson for just $79 per night. Ask for the A"Jeff King" rate when making your reservations.